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About Us

Callaghan Estates, the most reliable real estate agency in Pretoria East.  With a wide selection of properties to suit your every taste, Callaghan Estates Agents will do their best to find you the home of your dreams.  At Callaghan Estates we ensure that both the owner and tenant receive the best possible service.

Owners and tenants, Buyers and sellers benefit from our services.  We assess, advertise and market all properties for ultimate exposure.  Property management, inspections, deposit and rental collections as well as professional advice regarding management matters relating to your property are some of the services we provide our clients. 

We have excellent performance records over the years with goodstanding tenants with regards to rent payments between 96-99% for the last 12 months and therefore outperforming the national goodstanding tenants by far and even better in our operational area.
Even if the property your looking for isn’t listed in our selection, don’t hesitate to make an enquiry, we’ll be more than happy to try and help in our area. If you want to “Spread your wings” or “Leaving the nest”, don’t hesitate to call us today.

Callaghan Estates
was established in 2005 by Callaghan Pey bringing her property knowledge since 1994 where she started to work for a developer in the Western Cape. 

“I have always had a passion for property.  I started working for a developer in 1994, my portfolio was assisting the building team, selling and managing Retirement Villages as I managed 5 villages and a frail care centre in the Western Cape.  Moving to Gauteng in 2004 started with rentals with a local Real Estate company and in 2005 established Callaghan Estates for rentals and sales and in 2011 commenced with our Managing Agent portfolio.   It is therefore deeply gratifying to celebrate more than 20 years of Property experience but especially the last 1
0 years of exceptional success in the real estate industry with Callaghan Estates”.